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Sustainable strategists take business strategy to the next level. They combine a ‘corporate responsibility strategy’ and use indicators and value supply chains, while fostering it with evidence-based data, innovative technology, and AI to provide long-term results which positively impacts the entire sphere of influence.

Incorporating sustainable processes is a whole system approach. The WHY of the goals? Leadership coaching for mission-driven results is what steers the heart of organizations and non-profits.

We want the future of one’s mission to exemplify actual value, combining success with gratitude and empathy. With the four pillars, human, social, economic, and environment, you reach an integrated approach valuing human capital in society.  When you spearhead your mission with youth as indicators, the future is bright.  At City In Design – Youth Indicators® we are humbly honored to consult for those looking for Sustainable Strategists with HEART and Youth Leadership, Voice & Innovation at its core! 

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