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PilialohaNow has a few meanings and messages. First off “Now” represents being present in the moment! Second, making current changes “Now,” based upon past learning’s and future needs. It also represents us caring for nature and humanity with true compassion, while accepting innovation, science and technology “Now,” as it bridges the way to a sustainable future. Lastly, it is symbolic of us accepting ‘interconnectedness and change’ which is the essence of sustainability, and doing it “Now” in order to protect our planet for current and future generations. 

Youth Indicators

Youth Indicators – “The youth are key indicators of how we are doing as a society!”


Art Of Respect

Art of Respect – A journey diving into the unique practice of respect.  How it relates to the environment, culture, and society.  When we practice this art together we will thrive sustainably!

Culture of Repair

Culture of Repair – Dives into the past, listens in present, and culminates a learning future together with heart!

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The Building Sustainability Podcast has topics to educate and inspire.

Filled with history, environmental conservation, humanitarianism, civil liberties, mental health, youth voices, and grassroots efforts uplifting the homeless with solutions, from guests around the globe making our communities and planet a better place for current and future generations. 

By bridging our abilities to make the world truly sustainable!

Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

We can be sustainable if we work ‘together!’


Pilialoha Estall

founder / producer

With a BA in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Barbara, a Masters in Global Leadership from the University of San Diego and working on her doctorate in Public Policy & Sustainable Communities, Pilialoha Estall is the host of the PilialohaNow Building Sustainability Podcast.  The founder of  “City in Design – Building Sustainable Communities – Youth Indicators” she says this podcast, agency and concept is beyond a “dream” of hers.  It is the way of the future!

Her passion since the age of 12 to save the rainforests began the journey.  Then when looking at the Pacific Grey Whale in the eye in San Ignacio Lagoon, at the last natural Grey Whale breeding ground, as Campaign Manager pushing people to listen, while being a part of a successful five-year battle deeming it a World Heritage Site. The power of advocacy kicked into drive.

With a mission to advocate interconnectedness, combined with compassionate leadership, public health, ethical public policy, science and technology, clean air, water, soil, and energy, and protecting all species, Pilialoha believes we can become sustainable!  Then when she “Youth Indicators” it all clicked. The “youth are key indicators of how we are doing as a society.”

She combined her passion for writing & storytelling with the vision for a sustainable future and so PilialohaNow  Building Sustainability began!

To get there her has been a long but worthwhile journey!

A journey she is willing to take to bridge understandings and differences, helping society accept change which is the basis of sustainability, in order to make positive impacts!


Tricia Lynn Naval

Music & Sound Producer

Musician, singer, writer, producer, and above all  educator, Trish is notably known as the music producer for San Diego’s premier late night talk show “Tonight in San Diego.” She is also known as TeeLynn in the music community, playing most every instrument except wind, music ministry, and for her passion to “Save the Sharks.” 


Her dedication supporting and elevating San Diego musicians through their music is never ending. She plays with local musicians and bands throughout the year, as well as produces her own original music.
Her love and passion for music started at the age of 5, in addition teaching youth music ministry for over 10 years.  Working on music podcasts of her own, she believes music & vibrations ‘move’ the world.

Her first love is teaching and as an elementary school teacher for over 15 years, she really enjoys teaching 2nd grade. She believes age 7 to 8 is when a child really learns who they are. For her, helping influence youth to be their best version of themselves and individuals who want to make a positive difference in this world is so rewarding.

As a motto and lesson throughout the year! Protecting and saving all animals, the environment and planet for current and future generations is the only option.


Jordan Jacobo

content producer

A heartfelt writer and performer who has developed and appeared in various short films, plays and series, Including “Transit Stop” at the Old Globe, and “Discount Tuesday” at the Circle Circle Dot Dot Dot Theater.  With compassionate writing to awaken your senses, some of his writings include KPBS series, “Permission to Speak Freely,” “FilmInDiego’ and reality series “Shooters” which is in development. 

His abilities and passion to write, produce and perform using impact emotion, storytelling, even rocking the boat with humor is endless.

His awards include 2015 Best Film – City Beat Five Minute Film Festival, 2017 Best Webisode – San Diego Film Awards, 2018 Best New Series – San Diego Film Awards (Jordon Loves), and 2019 Audience Choice Award, San Diego 48 Hour Film Festival, and Spirit of San Diego. 

An actor of parable interests, Jordan is currently the host of KPBS digital series Jordan Loves, in which he highlights the seldom-explored corners of his native San Diego, as well as the YouTube Series Jordan Hates and Podcast series “You’re Gonna Die Alone.” His diverse background in writing, genre and performing, provides an ability to appeal to all audiences.

Jordan really does “love” his family, friends, and community.  With a deep appreciation for storytelling, while awakening our mindset and providing a diverse lens to challenge our critical thinking skills in expressing our emotions. 

He believes “that we need this planet more than it needs us.  Sustainability is a necessity for humanity, and if we don’t implement soon, earthwill gladly move on to those who respect it!”

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