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Youth IndicatorsThe youth are key indicators of how we are doing as a society!

Art of Respect – A journey diving into the unique practice of respect.  How it relates to environment, culture, and society.  When we practice this art together we will thrive sustainably!

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PilialohaNow has a few meanings and messages. First off “Now” represents being present in the moment! Second, making current changes “Now,” based upon past learning’s and future needs. It also represents us caring for nature and humanity with true compassion, while accepting innovation, science and technology “Now,” as it bridges the way to a sustainable future. Lastly, it is symbolic of us accepting ‘interconnectedness and change’ which is the essence of sustainability, and doing it “Now” in order to protect our planet for current and future generations. 

Art of respect series co-host


Consultant, Professional Emcee, Adventurer, and Humanitarian, Dennis-Michael founded Silk Road Productions to create exciting experiences and meaningful events that inspire people.  He has created a multitude of acclaimed special events and he has produced successful fundraisers for numerous non-profit organizations.  

He volunteers tirelessly and serves on many non-profit boards, including KPBS Producers Club, UCSD Asian Pacific Islander Alumni Counil, USS Midway Museum’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee, the Philippines Honorary Consulate, San Diego International Sister Cities Association, Asian Culture & Media Alliance, and Beta Gamma Sigma Alumni San Diego Chapter and National Association of Asian American Professionals.  He has a B.S. in Marketing from the University of New Orleans, and He MBA from the University of San Diego and a Master of International Affairs from UCSD.

Among many of the events Dennis-Michael has created include the Asian Cultural Festival of San Diego, the San Diego Ramen Festival, AMP Music Festival, and the award-winning Asian and Pacific Islander Festival at the San Diego County Fair.  He is also co-creator and executive producer of Telly Award Winning television show Asian Voices.

In 2014 he founded the Humanitarian Project, an organization whose mission it to “help humanity” by planning and executing humanitarian projects for impoverished people around the world. 

podcast series

Youth Indicators Co-host

Chris "Jazz" Colthurst

Native San Diegan Chris is a lover not a fighter.  During the day he white boards cloud architectures for Comic-Con International and during the night he does improv, stand up and sketch comedy.  His film group Snarky Films participates in the 48 Hour Film Project yearly – making short films like the famous puppet super-hero musical “Captain Hand.”  He was also a writer for the show Tonight in San Diego.  He and his amazing wife Unison have two little boys Zion and Zachary.  Jazz enjoys the work of Peter Gabriel, Marina Abramovic, and Fred Rogers.  He believes “the children are our future” as best stated by Whitney Houston’s song “Greatest Love of All.”

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Guest Speakers

Episode 1 - Youth Indicators
Leighangela Brady, Ed.D

Superintendent National School District

Author of two books, “Transforming Ice Age Schools: A Practical Guide for School Leaders” and “Test Less, Assess More: A K-8 Guide to Formative Assessment. She is well known for engaging and motivating educators to think about shifting practice to meet the needs of today’s students.

Dr. Brady shares with us how her National School District team is working to develop “exceptionally prepared learners; innovative and compassionate world citizens. In addition their twitter hashtag #NSDnow and how the district is contributing to the 2030 United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals by engaging students in actions to secure a more sustainable future.

Dr. Brady earned her Ed.D. in educational leadership from San Diego State University, with both her B.S. and M.A. degrees from the University of Connecticut. Her favorite time is spent visiting classrooms and witnessing innovative education in action. She has served as an assistant superintendent of educational services; a principal, assistant principal, and teacher of K-8 schools; as well as in various support and coaching roles.

Episode 2 - Youth Indicators
Michael Bonocore


An accomplished photographer, filmmaker, traveler and Editor-In-Chief of the popular lifestyle magazine, Resource Travel.

A Photo Educator with  ‘The Giving Lens.”  An organization giving back around the world, focusing on local NGO and youth organizations.  Teaching photography to communities as a “tool for empowerment, self-expression, and storytelling.

Michael shared with us how The Giving Lens helps break the cycle of generations of youth not able to attend school for various cultural and economic reasons and learning skills to broaden creative minds and a passion to learn with storytelling. Reinvigorating the creative mind and the importance of education, and seeing the world through a new lens.

He also shares with us the story of 13-year old Aigerem Askar the Mongolian eagle huntress.  Who grew up in a family with generations of eagle “hunters” who came before her, including her father. He recollects the dedication behind her journey.

Episode 3 - Youth Indicators
Ariel Gonzalez, J.d.

Senior Vice President of Public Policy March of Dimes

With his Juris Doctorate from The Catholic University of America’s in Washington DC and Masters in Legislative Affairs from George Washington University, he has a very robust background in policy and law with organizations such as American Psychiatric Association and AARP.

AARP “America’s Largest Interest” group, Ariel shares the intricacies of policy and advocacy within various organizations and his passion to make a difference.  As well as his story on how he became a part of the March of Dimes and  ways we can support their efforts.

Public Policy is very important in society and Ariel helps shed some light. He also explains how we can be active advocates through sharing our stories with organizations making a difference. Storytelling is what allows us to understand the impacts and how to make a difference. The health of our youth begins from the parents. An important web of understanding and support our community needs in order to provide for our youth and future generations the best we can.

Episode 4 - Youth Indicators
Dr. Moises Baron

San Diego Center for Children

Dr. Barón, a psychologist with more than 26 years of clinical and administrative experience, joined the San Diego Center for Children as President and CEO in 2014.  Prior to joining the Center, he served for 11 years as the first Assistant Vice President (AVP) Student Wellness at the University of San Diego.   Dr. Barón conceptualized and implemented a plan to restructure, expand and integrate health and wellness services, remodel facilities, and established integrated clinical, preventive and educational programs for undergraduate and graduate students.

Prior to this, Dr. Barón was Director of the Counseling Center from 1997 to 2006 where he managed all of the center’s operations and budget. He has been Adjunct Faculty at the School of Leadership and Education Sciences for over 20 years, and is the Founder of the COMPASS Academic Center at USD where he led a team that developed multidisciplinary and innovative programs to help and support families of children with special needs. He also served as Executive Director of the services arm of COMPASS in the community until 2012.

Founded in 1887, the San Diego Center for Children is the oldest children’s 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the region accredited by The Joint Commission for its excellence in quality of care. The Center provides evidence-based therapeutic, educational, foster care and transition age services to children and families struggling with mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. Today, with 8 program sites and community-based services within hundreds of homes and schools across San Diego County, the Center empowers over 1,000 people every day.

Epsiode 5 - Youth Indicators
Shurene Premo, MSW

Newe Numa Wa Ippe​

Hakenna, Mum (how are you all)! Ne nani-haant (my name is) Shurene Premo. Ne Tosawihi So-soni (I am from the White Knife band of Western Shoshone people). I also represent the Newe Numa (Shoshone Paiute) Nation, and I am originally from Tokka Pati (Duck Valley) Nythe (Nevada) of the Great Basin Territory. I am grateful to be residing in the homelands of the Kumeyaay Nation. I received my Master of Social Work degree from San Diego State University. 

I do this for all Indigenous Nations and especially for the Tokka Pati Newe-Numa Nation. I strive for higher education because I come from a community that is profoundly affected by historical trauma in which it transforms into inter-generational as well as multi-generational trauma. We are a beautiful people, and we make up over 600+ Federally recognized nations as well as non-federally recognized Nations in the United States and Canada.  

I also took the initiative to learn my original Newe language at SDSU instead of a foreign language. As my language is original to the land, we are standing on, and it is not foreign to me. I thought it was highly respectful, and I took great honor in knowing that my school backed me up in using my traditional curriculum of the Shoshone language to fulfill my language requirement. Although I am in the early beginning stages of learning my original language, it is never too late to learn, and we must keep our language alive for future generations.

Episode 6 - Youth Indicators
Prof. Dr. Knut Tielking

Hochschule Emden/Leer​

Prof. Dr. Knut Tielking is professor of social work with the top priority of behavioral abuse and substance abuse and prevention. During his 24 years of scholarly activities at the Universities of Oldenburg, Bremen and since 2007 at the University of Applied Sciences of Emden/Leer – he has successfully implemented a variety of research projects concerning fields of action of social work, especially of health promotion and prevention.

In research a broad variety of matters of care in the social and health system were the topic of numerous of his studies. In the center of interest were innovations in prevention and health promotion as well as the optimization of standard offers and services in the different areas of activities of health promotion and prevention.

Of special interest are his activities concerning children and youth work in the context of schools and also extra-curricular, communal prevention projects, and self help.

Prof. Dr. Tielking’s recent alcohol and drug prevention research from an international perspective last year he traveled around the world to compare prevention programs in San Diego/California/USA, Coffs Harbour/New South Wales/Australia and Aurich/Ostfriesland/Germany.

Episode 7 - Youth Indicators
Coach Joe Quigley

Youth Mental Health & Wellness Mentor

Coach Joe Quigley is from Worcester, England, Born in Manchester. A youth mental health & well-bring awareness advocate and mentor, Coach Joe Quigley loves seeing people succeed.  He strives to better himself every day, so he can help others do the same.  Through coaching and mentoring he engages the youth to help them be more confident in who they are by improving their mental well-being.   He is committed to striving for excellence, succeeding and being the help for those who need it.   His passion inspiring others and coaching spans from workshops to community groups and schools across the UK and virtually available worldwide.
Coach Joe Quigley’s techniques  include The Uplift and The Grey Space.  The Uplift is about confidence and no size fits all.  “Life is a funny thing that can come at you in so many ways.  Whether it’s work, relationships, family, or anything else.  The Grey Space is about learning and seeing options you may not realize are available, especially when you are inside it.   The space between where you are and where you want to be can feel massive.”  Often having someone to help understand this space and move forward with you through it is all you need.  Coach Joe Quigley is available for any youth from any destination globally to ‘listen’ – ask the questions, and help you be the best you!     

Epsiode 8 - Youth Indicators
Kira Finkenberg

The Kira Co.

Kira is the Owner and Founder of The Kira Co.  The Kira Co. is a concert marketing and event company founded in 2003.  The Kira Co. handles marketing and ticketing for events in Southern California.  She’s worked in the music business since she was seven years old working for her father who owned the New Mexico Franchise of Ticketmaster.  She is a graduate of the University of San Diego and resides in San Diego with her three Doodles; Jake Dog, Jackson & Kookie. 

She is the board member of Jewish Family Service of San Diego, the Jewish Federation of San Diego, ADL San Diego and the JCC and CJC at the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center.  She is passionate about community, heritage, music and youth.  She has an insightful background, helping us listen and learn how we can build a better future through local community efforts.  Her professional talents in PR for over 27 years is felt in all she does and influencing positive mindsets.  The love of her Jewish heritage, the arts, youth and community, is beyond inspirational, she is a role model.  She helps our youth see a bright future with hard work, dedication, respect, and voice.  By listening, learning and mentoring.  

The scope of her clients include Bill Silva Presents, The Andrew Hewitt Company, A&B Concerts and Live Nation/Hewitt/Silva, San Diego Aviators, AEG, San Diego Sports Medicine Foundation, Wonderfront Events, Junior Seau Foundation and Richter Entertainment.  The Kira Co. is responsible for the marketing and promotion of approximately 100 concerts a year, including The Hollywood Bowl, MGM Grand Garden Arena, Mandalay Bay Event Center, the Open Air Theater at SDSU, Viejas Casino and Viejas Concerts in the Park as well as  the Valley View Casino Center. 

The Kira Co. also produces multiple events every year.  The Kira Co. has been the Event Director for Taste at the Cove since 2003, the annual San Diego Sports Medicine Foundation fundraiser.  This event raises over $400,000 annually.  The Kira Co. also produces the annual Shop with A Jock for the Junior Seau Foundation.  

Episode 9 - Youth Indicators
Girish Venkat


Girish Venkat, a lifelong entrepreneur who has spent his career building innovative technology, including as the founding Chief Architect of Stamps.com. Girish’s relationship with his son, Rohit was the spark that started Thrively.  Girish struggled, like many parents do, to find the right enrichment activities to spark a genuine passion in Rohit. Helping Rohit find his passion, became Girish’s and through countless hours of speaking with experts in child psychology, reading books from Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers” to Jenifer Fox’s “Your Child’s Strengths,” and applying his entrepreneurial mindset to Rohit’s fledgling interests, Thrively was born. “Every Child Deserves to Thrive.

Knowing your child helps them soar academically and passionately. The whole child, their social and emotional well-being is the key of next generation education.  Thrively is a learning network, creating a education ecosystem.  A strength based movement!

“With a little ingenuity and a lot of hard work’, Thrively is “helping parents to understand their children more” and teachers to  “connect with their students on a more personal level.”

Episode 1 - Art of Respect
Mark Lovett

Storytelling with Impact

For 25 years Mark Lovett held c-level executive positions in the high-tech computer industry. After five years with Action Instruments, a local company which designed and manufactured
electronic sub-systems for factory automation, Mark became a partner at Industrial Computer Source in 1987, serving as their Vice President of Operations. With revenues exceeding $20 million Industrial Computer Source was sold to Dynatech in 1992.
In the subsequent 6 years revenue growth continued, exceeding $100 million. During the second phase of expansion Mark served as their Chief Information Officer.

In 2004 Mark became President and CEO of Chassis Plans, a high-tech startup building rugged computer systems designed for mission critical applications in telecommunications, industrial automation and defense markets.In 2005 Chassis Plans made the San Diego Business Journal’s Fast 100 as the 4th fastest growing privately held company in San Diego, and in 2006 was selected as a member of Inc. Magazine’s prestigious Inc. 500, ranking at #151 on the list, and the fastest growing privately held computer or electronics company in the nation.

From 2008 to 2010 Mark provided business strategy consulting services as the founder and CEO of Tangent Consulting Group.
In 2010 Mark joined Trenton Technology as Chief Marketing Officer. The company designs and manufactures electronic sub-systems and integrated computer systems for defense, government, telecommunications, transportation, and factory automation applications. During this period the
company was rebranded as Trenton Systems to address new product and market opportunities.


In 2013 Mark became the co-organizer for TEDxSanDiego, and in 2014 he assumed the license. The event was moved to Symphony Hall and grew to 1,800 attendees by 2017. In July 2018 this
event was moved to the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and featured a program focused on the latest developments within the commercial and research-centered biotech industry. In April 2015 Mark organized TEDxMonumento258, the world’s first cross-border TEDx event that featured speakers who alternated their talks between two stages, one located in Mexico and the other in the United States, separated only by an international border fence. In 2017 Mark co-organized TEDxDonovanCorrectional, held at Donovan Correctional Facility in southern San Diego County. This event was also produced in 2018. TEDxYouth@SanDiegowas held in March 2019. All of the speakers, performers and emcees were high school students. In 2016 Mark founded Storytelling with Impact, providing speaker coaching to business leaders and entrepreneurs, educators and students, as well as keynote and TEDx speakers. He taught an extension course in storytelling at the University of California, San Diego in 2018 and 2019. Mark discontinued the production of TEDx events after 6 years and now focuses his efforts on Storytelling with Impact, helping clients to tell their most impactful story.


Epsiode 2 - Art of Respect
Laura Chez

We See You San Diego

Holding a young woman’s hand as she is experiencing the pains of labor, looking through a glass wall into the eyes of a man serving a brief jail sentence, driving a 45 year-old woman away from the streets of San Diego to a recovery program as she leaves homelessness & crystal methamphetamine behind. As the Director of We See You San Diego, I (along with many others) have the honor of walking with people through their most joyous & difficult times. 

Through a weekly gathering that serves a home-cooked, sit-down dinner to roughly 150-200 individuals, families & veterans in our city’s homeless community, relationships are formed, trust is built, and then often, stories are shared.  We are a listening ear, a hug, and a shoulder to cry on. We are a hand extended, offering options to those ready to transition out of homelessness. 

Episode 3 - Art of Respect

Honorary Professor Norm Sheehan

Professor Norm Sheehan, a Wiradjuri man born in Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia. He completed a PhD in Education at the School of Education at the University of Queensland (UQ) in 2004 winning the N. V. Varghese Prize for Comparative Education. 

He has published two books, Stolen Generations Education and Respectful Design both these works address Indigenous Knowledge, Aboriginal community cultural development and Social and Emotional Well Being Education. His expertise is based on identifying and activating existing strengths within Indigenous communities as a basis for relevant education and development initiatives. He also led the development of Indigenous Knowledge programs at Southern Cross University until December 2019.  Currently Professor Sheehan is supervising PhD research at the University of Queensland working with Elders and Academics to build a new generation of activists.

Episode 4 - Art of Respect
Audie J. de Castro

Honorary Consul of the Republic of the Philippines

Audie J. de Castro, is the Honorary Consul of the Republic of the Philippines, the first ever to be appointed in San Diego County.  Although his appointed position is unpaid, he is the official Philippine government representative for all of San Diego County, where over 200,000 Filipino-Americans reside.  In addition to promoting diplomacy, trade and tourism, his responsibilities include providing consular services and protections to Filipino citizens on a daily basis.

He is U.S. born, and a dual citizen of the U.S. and the Philippines. He graduated from Morse High School in southeastern San Diego, received a B.B.A. in Accounting from the University of San Diego, graduated cum laude from the University of San Francisco School of Law,  as well as an Adjunct Professor of Law at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, teaching Business Associations.”

He founded de Castro, PC, a law firm in downtown San Diego and is prominently involved in civic affairs. He is a founder and the President of Pag-Asa Law Clinic, a law clinic that assists undocumented immigrants, victims of domestic violence, and tenants of unfair housing.  He previously served on the Board of Governors for the San Diego Foundation and also past President of the Asian Business Association of San Diego and the Filipino-American Lawyers of San Diego.

Epsiode 5 - Art of Respect
Mark J. Spalding

The Ocean Foundation

Mark J. Spalding, President of The Ocean Foundation is a member of the Ocean Studies Board of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (USA). He is serving on the Sargasso Sea Commission. Mark is a Senior Fellow at the Center for the Blue Economy at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. And, he is an Advisor to the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy. In addition, he serves as the advisor to the Rockefeller Ocean Strategy (an unprecedented ocean-centric investment fund) and is a member of the Pool of Experts for the UN World Ocean Assessment. He designed the first-ever blue carbon offset program, SeaGrass Grow. Mark is an expert on international environmental policy and law, ocean policy and law, and coastal and marine philanthropy.    

Episode 6 - Art of Respect
Kathy Liu

Joey's Wings

Kathy Liu is Founder & President of Joey’s Wings Foundation.  She also teaches at a public school at San Diego Unified School District. Kathy started Joey’s Wings in 2014, a non-profit to continue Joey’s fight by raising awareness about childhood cancer and by funding research into kidney cancer that affect children and young adults, and to provide support and mentorship programs to parents. While Joey’s fight against the rare and aggressive pediatric renal cell carcinoma for which no standard treatment protocol exists ended in November, 2014, the organization formed in his memory was able to fund $300,000 research project to study childhood renal cell cancers.  Additionally, Kathy advocates tirelessly for children with cancer. She helps to increase federal childhood cancer research funding by advocating for legislation that will impact the childhood cancer community.

Episode 7 - Art of Respect
Chris Cantore

Yew Media

Chris Cantore is a surf and skate-loving, live music enthusiast with over 25 years of radio and media experience including stints at 91X, KPRi, FM949, KFMB, The San Diego Union Tribune, NBC’s sounddiego and the founder of Yew! Media and Bridges Studio.  Helping others with their branding and podcast production and launches.  

Chris in addition to years of hosting radio shows, is currently  the host of his own podcasts including The Cantore Show and Monday M.A.S.S. as well as hosts events and fundraisers throughout San Diego all year long.   With some new and exciting series coming soon through  Yew! Media, be sure to be on the look-out!

Special Edition
Art of Respect
Sonam Tashi Lama

Red Panda Network

Sonam Tashi Lama has been with Red Panda Network since the beginning.  He started by creating a library in his village in Taplejung on the edge of red panda habitat and is now supporting the conservation of red panda throughout its whole range in Nepal.

Disney Conservation named him Disney Conservation Hero in 2015 for his work in red panda conservation in Nepal and was one of the nominees for the Future for Nature Award 2019.  He is the recipient of several prestigious scholarships and recently completed his Master’s in ecology and international nature conservation form both Lincoln University and the University of Gottingen, after conducting one of the most comprehensive camera trapping studies in the eastern Himalaya. He loves spending time writing and being with his family. During the camera trapping study Sonam and team from the Red Panda Network were able to record a marbled cat for the first time in Nepal.

Sonam’s research was inspired and motivated by an American named Brian Williams for his work in the conservation of the red panda in Nepal.  Brian is the founder of the Red Panda Network.  In 2007, Sonam became one of the founding staff members of Red Panda Network in Nepal. Sonam is responsible for implementing field activities of the Community-based Red Panda Conservation program of Red Panda Network in eastern Nepal.  He mentors and supervises more than a dozen field staff and seventy plus citizen scientists known as Forest Guardians.  He was one of the important members of the team who recently executed GPS-Collaring of ten wild red pandas in eastern Nepal to better understand their ecology.  

Episode 8 - Art of Respect
Lane Nishikawa

Actor & Filmmaker

Lane Nishikawa, a Japanese American actor, filmmaker, playwright, poet and arts activist.   He was born in Wahiawa, Hawai’i, a Sansei (third generation Japanese American), and grew up in San Francisco.  He is a graduate of San Francisco State with a degree in Asian American Theater.

Much of his work focuses on Asian American and Japanese American history and identity issues.  His one-man series include, Life in the Fast Lane, I’m On A Mission From Buddha, Mifune and Me and others, has toured in over 50 cities across the US, Canada and Europe.   “I’m On A Mission From Buddha” was a National PBS televised broadcast.  In 2005 he directed the independent film, Only the Brave, a fictional account of the rescue of the Lost Battalion, by the 100th Infantry Battalion/42nd Regimental Combat Team,  a segregated Japanese American fighting unit during World War II. Lane also starred as the lead role in the film.   He has written and directed two short films about World War II Veterans, Forgotten Valor and When We Were Warriors.  His most recent work, a documentary about the effects of war on the Japanese American Community called “Our Lost Years” just released February 2020.  A recollection of forced removal and mass incarceration of 120,000 Japanese and Japanese Americans during World War II.  In addition, a soon upcoming film “League of Dreams” about the 90 year history of the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL).

Lane has a robust history in Asian-American History theater, as artistic director for the Asian American Theater Company in San Francisco for 10 seasons and was co-artistic director of the Eureka Theatre and resident director at the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival.  Some awards include, Profiles of Excellence Award ABC, Harvard Foundation Honoree, Ruby Yoshino Schaar Playwright Award (National JACL), and NEA Solo Performance Fellowship. 

Episode 9 - Art of Respect
Bernard R. Mauricia

Oncology and Kids

Bernard R. Mauricia, CEO, Oncology And Kids (OAK), a 501(c)3 non-profit focused on providing quality of life support programs for children battling cancer and their siblings.  He helped co-found the group in 2020 with his colleagues Robby Medina and Brian Bonert.  Prior to co-founding Oncology And Kids, he served as CEO of The Seany Foundation (TSF), where he oversaw all development activities for the foundation, while increasing its exposure and standing throughout the region.

His work before his focus on childhood cancer consisted of oversight of Corporate Partnerships and Volunteer Resources for the American Cancer Society in San Diego.  He was responsible for securing over $1,000,000 annually in contributions through sponsorship, cause marketing, team fundraising, employee and corporate giving.  

Bernard developed and maintained four Community Leadership Councils – San Diego, Imperial Valley, Inland Empire and Palm Desert.  He also served as the regional Building Volunteer Capacity subject expert – increasing overall volunteer base to 82,390 volunteers in the Border Sierra and Orange County regions.  Prior to this he was the statewide program director for the California Council on Economic Education, working with 1000+, K-12 school districts to implement teacher training in economic education.  

Bernard is extremely active in his community serving on the boards of Project New Village, San Diego Center for Economic Education, and San Diego Professionals Against Cancer. 

Episode 10 - Art of Respect
Gill Sotu

Gill Sotu

Gill Sotu is a navy veteran, a multi-faceted poet, playwright, musician, DJ, and performing artist.  He is a two time Grand Slam Poetry Champion, two time Raw Performing artist of the year, and a three time TEDx San Diego presenter.  

The beauty of Gill is “a forceful undercurrent of soulful, comedic, thought-provoking passion that engages and inspires his audiences.”

Currently, Gill is a teaching artist and commissioned playwright with The Old Globe Theatre, a program director and teaching artist at Intrepid Theatre, as well as the Artist In Residence at Makers Church in San Diego.  He has just finished an Artist In Residency at the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation where he was commissioned to write/direct two full length plays.  Gill wrote and performed all the poetic segments to Melissa Adao’s dance theatre showcase, “Hip-Hop CabHooray!” Which won an award for Outstanding Production at the 2015 Fringe Fest.  He has opened for Grammy-nominated legend Sheila E, as well as Talib Kweli. Partnered and performed with the San Diego Symphony, has been commissioned to create plays for The Old Globe and CSUSM.  Wrote and performed numerous poetry pieces for the United Way of San Diego, San Diego’s Fashion Week, and performed the closing number for TEDx San Diego in 2013 & 2016, hosted in 2017 and was named musical director and featured performer in 2020.

In addition, Gill hosts events throughout the county and also conducts poetry workshops in schools across California and has facilitated poetry workshops within San Diego County’s juvenile detention center for over 2 years as well as currently conducting Shakespearean performance and reflection workshops at Centinela State Prison.  He finds the creativity and honesty expressed by these elementary through high school students to be an incredibly rewarding experience and reminder of the importance of speaking one’s own truth.

Gill Sotu is a paradigm shifter whose audience feels that he’s speaking to them individually, making a performance to hundreds seem more like an intimate dialogue between close friends. Charismatic and with an ability to adapt to any event, Gill quickly garners people’s attention and doesn’t let go until he says “Thank you”. 

Episode 11 - Art of Respect

Coming Soon

Get to know Our


The Building Sustainability Podcast has topics to educate and inspire.  

Filled with history, environmental conservation, humanitarianism, civil liberties, mental health, youth voices, and grassroots efforts uplifting the homeless with solutions, from guests around the globe making our communities and planet a better place for current and future generations. 

By bridging our abilities to make the world truly sustainable!  

Thank you for sharing this journey with us. 

We can be sustainable if we work ‘together!’


Pilialoha Estall

founder / producer

With a BA in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Barbara, a Masters in Global Leadership from the University of San Diego and working on her doctorate in Public Policy & Sustainable Communities, Pilialoha Estall is the host of the PilialohaNow Building Sustainability Podcast.  The founder of  “City in Design – Building Sustainable Communities – Youth Indicators” she says this podcast, agency and concept is beyond a “dream” of hers.  It is the way of the future!

Her passion since the age of 12 to save the rainforests began the journey.  Then when looking the Pacific Grey Whale in the eye in San Ignacio Lagoon, at the last natural Grey Whale breeding ground, as Campaign Manager pushing people to listen, while being a part of a successful five year battle deeming it a World Heritage Site. The power of advocacy kicked into drive.

With a mission to advocate interconnectedness, combined with compassionate leadership, public health, ethical public policy, science and technology, clean air, water, soil, and energy, and protecting all species, Pilialoha believes we can become sustainable!  Then when  she developed “Youth Indicators” it all clicked.  The “youth are key indicators of how we are doing as a society.”

She combined her passion for writing & storytelling with the vision for a sustainable future and so PilialohaNow  Building Sustainability began!  

To get there her has been a long but worthwhile journey!

A journey she is  willing to take to bridge understandings and differences, helping society accept change which is the basis of sustainability, in order to make positive impacts!


Trish Naval

music & Sound producer 

Musician, singer, writer, producer, and above all  educator, Trish is notably known as the music producer for San Diego’s premier late night talk show “Tonight in San Diego.” She is also known as TeeLynn in the music community, playing most every instrument except wind, music ministry, and for her passion to “Save the Sharks.” 


Her dedication supporting and elevating San Diego musicians through their music is never ending. She plays with local musicians and bands throughout the year, as well as produces her own original music.  Her love and passion for music started at the age of 5, in addition teaching youth music ministry for over 10 years.  Working on music podcasts of her own, she believes music & vibrations ‘move’ the world.

Her first love is teaching and as an elementary school teacher for over 15 years, she really enjoys teaching 2nd grade. She believes age 7 to 8 is when a child really learns who they are. For her, helping influence youth to be their best version of themselves and individuals who want to make a positive difference in this world is so rewarding. 

“Fostering youth development is key in society.” 

Her third love is sharks and her students know from the first day of school: 

“Save the Sharks” 

As a motto and lesson throughout the year! Protecting and saving all animals, the environment and planet for current and future generations is the only option. 


Jordon jacobo

content producer

A heartfelt writer and performer who has developed and appeared in various short films, plays and series, Including “Transit Stop” at the Old Globe, and “Discount Tuesday” at the Circle Circle Dot Dot Dot Theater.  With compassionate writing to awaken your senses, some of his writings include KPBS series, “Permission to Speak Freely,” “FilmInDiego’ and reality series “Shooters” which is in development. 

His abilities and passion to write, produce and perform using impact emotion, storytelling, even rocking the boat with humor is endless. 

His awards include 2015 Best Film – City Beat Five Minute Film Festival, 2017 Best Webisode – San Diego Film Awards, 2018 Best New Series – San Diego Film Awards (Jordon Loves), and 2019 Audience Choice Award, San Diego 48 Hour Film Festival, and Spirit of San Diego. 

 An actor of parable interests, Jordan is currently the host of KPBS digital series Jordan Loves, in which he highlights the seldom-explored corners of his native San Diego, as well as the YouTube Series Jordan Hates and Podcast series “You’re Gonna Die Alone.” His diverse background in writing, genre and performing, provides an ability to appeal to all audiences.  

Jordan really does “love” his family, friends, and community.  With a deep appreciation for storytelling, while awakening our mindset and providing a diverse lens to challenge our critical thinking skills in expressing our emotions. 

He believes “that we need this planet more than it needs us.  Sustainability is a necessity for humanity, and if we don’t implement soon, earth will gladly move on to those who respect it!”

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