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We support products and services that positively impact communities, culture, environment, and health!  Collectively we can make positive changes for current and future generations. 

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A Single BAMBOO straw showed us the way to a lifestyle this is not dependent on single use plastics.  Now, our mission is to provide people with well made eco-friendly products so they an create a lifestyle that is sustainable and free of disposable plastics.  We hope to inspire you to slow down, stay connected, to nature and choose products WORTHY of you and the environment!



POLY comes from the word POLYNESIA and LINGUAL for languages.  The languages we learn at POLY-lingual belong to the Austronesian language family.  Polynesian languages (Polynesian meaning “many islands”) are spoken in multiple islands a part of the Polynesian triangle bounded by Hawai’i, Easter Island, and New Zealand, including islands scattered throughout Fiji.  While it is possible to communicate in English, French and Spanish on the islands of Polynesia, learning more about the local language, not only helps to keep the language alive.  But also helps individuals to learn local people, culture, traditions, and practices.   


LEARN, SPEAK, SHARE (in Tahitian)

Miracles & More

Believe in Miracles & More

“I’ve always told my children to believe in the miracles they can be and more. And I want my customers to feel the same way. That’s why I craft every Miracles & More product to deliver on a simple promise – natural skincare and cosmetics that are always safe and always made for not only your beauty but also for the health of your skin and mind.”

Trusting in Nature to Create True Transformation!

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Specialize in Polynesian products, services, and travel, with the goal preserving culture through experience and educations with heart!

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