The True Value Chain of The Arts and Its Production on the
Education System

It started as a drive around Coronado’s mysterious unknowns to develop a story for “Who Dunnit” A Coronado Mystery for kids and their families to participate in and unravel into this essential school fundraiser!

The best part of this, is collaborating within the community of San Diego ‘America’s Finest City’ to bring together an amazing production team, Finest City Entertainment, Taylor Way Productions, and Highly Dope Media to fundraise for kids to one day do the exact foundational production it took to put it together.

The ironic part is “The Arts” and its production is one of the most heavily impacted industries right now, and the individuals who go into these fields LOVE their careers. So individuals who love what they do, not having the support they need through a pandemic for example, is a broken link in our societies value supply chain, and definitely needs to have a voice!  Much like the awakening of ‘sustainable supply chains’ and that means in all facets of our communities. 

The Arts and its production is so vital to society, so this is just a reminder to ourselves, as we fundraiser for our youth to get into fields they LOVE and passions that make them thrive, to remember all those a part of the process and what kind of collaboration and teamwork it takes.

And what a wonderful production collaboration and amazing talent who LOVE what they do Fale Luis, Lindsay Scoggins, Julian Lopez, Jordon Jacobo, Shannon Taylor, Anthony Maze, Sidney Franklin, and Connie Marie Chiarelli.

What is normally a big fundraising gala at the Hotel Del Coronado was turned into a beautiful virtual production for the whole community to enjoy, while fundraising for a schools need in Arts and STEM.

This is because schools are not automatically given funds for these essential programs. Maybe that’s where we need to start? What our education system models look like and offer for our youth across the board.

A great closing story in this production is a Coronado Alumni assisted with fixing a coding problem within the CSF Silent Auction software system 10 minutes before going live.  Their love of computer engineering and coding was provided because of CSF funding.  

This is an appreciation of community coming together, the teams, talent, and hard work it took to get there, and a passion for our youths full educational needs and experience!

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