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Building Sustainability

Bridging Positive Impacts

Model: Merging Elder Knowledge & Youth Innovation.

Theory: “Youth Indicators – The Youth Are Key Indicators of How We Are Doing As A Society!”

building sustainable communities

City In Design

Model:  Merging Elder Knowledge & Youth Innovation!

Theory “Youth Indicators – The Youth Are Key Indicators Of How We Are Doing As A Society.”  

Sustainable Indicators: Environmental, Economic, Social, & Human (institutional/territorial)

Mapping: Measuring youth wellbeing within the biosphere/ecosystem (past, present and future).  

Case Studies:  When elder knowledge & youth innovators (as thought leaders) are brought together, the results are sustainable communities for current and future generations. 

How do we get there?

  • Merging Elder Knowledge with Youth Innovation
  • Mapping Sustainable/Youth Indicators 
  • Replacing Business Supply Chains with Value Supply Chains

City In Design is THINK TANK & PR Agency focused on model sustainable development, merging science and heart!


Sustainable Strategy

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The Youth Indicators
Student Round Table Project

This special youth indicators student round table project combines two neighboring school districts: National and Coronado.   40 – 6th grade students developed 32 sustainable development action items, together, in small sub-groups. 


Epsiode 2 – Culture Of Repair Dr. Clinton Schultz
Marumali Consultations / Sobah

Dr. Clinton Schultz is a Gamilaroi man, descending from the people of Gunnedah/Manilla NSW.  A registered psychologist, Clinton founded Marumali Consultations in 2010 after identifying a clear gap in access to culturally appropriate mental health services in South East Queensland.  


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” The cities of the 21st century are where human destiny will be played out, and where the future of the biosphere will be determined. “

-Herbert Girardet


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