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We produce and deliver exceptional results by giving visibility and creating unique brand experiences, while being mindful of contributing to a sustainable society.


Sustainable Strategy

Sustainable Strategists, take business strategy to the next level.  They combine a corporate responsible strategy using indicators, value supply chains, and foster it with evidence-based data, innovative technology and AI to provide long-term results which positively impacts the entire sphere of influence. 

How to incorporate sustainable processes in business and public service is a whole system approach.  The WHY of the goals?  Leadership coaching for mission driven results is what steers the heart of organizations, for profit and non-profits.  

At City In Design we want the future of ones mission to exemplify true value, combining success with gratitude and heart. 

With the four pillars; human, social, economic, and environment you reach a integrated approach valuing human capital in society. 

At City In Design, we are humbly honored to consult for those looking for Sustainable Strategists with HEART!

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Sustainability is the key to our future.  With trust, balance, and compassion we can take ideas and innovations and turn them into viable solutions contributing to society. While ‘bridging positive impacts’ in our communities we build a sustainable future for current and future generations.

Indicators and value supply chains are concepts we are learning to evolve into models of economy and technology. A culture of repair is listening and learning with empathy and respect. The definitions of sustainability can vary from community to community. But ‘clean’ air, water, and land are vital. In addition, respect for environment, culture, diversity, and youth voices are essential.  Our model is built around Youth Indicators “the youth are key indicators of how we are doing as a society.”

How do we get there?

By ‘bridging’ our understanding of one another, inclusion and diversity, while learning together with innovation, science, and technology, the future is bright.

What does your sustainable community look like?

Send us a note, share with us your ideas, contributions, and needs as a brand, organization, and company, striving to make a sustainable future for your community!

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Your ideas and ambitions are unique. Every person/relationship, one of a kind. Protecting dreams and goals, is truly about sharing while cultivating your vision. Turning passions into tangible results is easier than imagined. We are with you guiding the process, for longevity success while contributing positively to society!

Brand Strategy

Building a brand is an art form, from business plans to mission statements, marketing strategies to development, all the way through thoughtful targeted social and purposeful media relations. Equitable ROI while contributing to the social, environmental, and public health of communities, is the way of the future. Ensuring a just and sustainable society.

Sustainable Marketing

As an agency, our partners will fit your needs and budget, while promoting environmentally and socially responsible products, practices, and brand values. We utilize digital platforms, visual arts, combined with 'act local think global' concepts and modern media strategies with trending new AI technology sources.

” The cities of the 21st century are where human destiny will be played out, and where the future of the biosphere will be determined. “

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We believe in creating positive brand designs and experiences, by developing ones unique vision and ideas into impactful stories with sustainable missions.

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The future of sustainable marketing is endless along with growing technology platforms for sound and responsible results.


We are with you every step of the way providing support, guidance & mentorship for you and your brands mission in its entirety.